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Run, little angel
As far as you can go
Get yourself to somewhere safe
Before your home explodes

Breathe, little angel
You will be alright
You will survive although you have
No food to eat tonight

Cry, little angel
Your grief can't be kept in
Did no one tell these evil men
That killing is a sin?

Pray, little angel
For the war to stop
But surely in a minute
Another bomb will drop

Sleep, little angel
Let your soul soar
Close your eyes and rest in peace
The bombs can't hurt you anymore.
Little Angel
Inspired by the forgotten children of Syria. I pray that their souls find peace
I hear a gulp, a heaving breath and an incoherent jumble of words. I look up and across the road is a mess of a girl, red faced and sobbing, stumbling along as if the effort of picking up one foot after the next is too monumental for her broken soul to bear. As if she feels my inquiring gaze, she looks up abruptly and our eyes meet over a sea of traffic. One glance, that’s all it is, but it’s enough to bring a tear to my eye.

My heart is pulling me towards this girl because deep down, I feel that something is wrong; and nobody should have to feel that bad alone. I bid to reach her, but I am too late; the road is filled with a million metal cars speeding to their own personal destinations, and by the time they have cleared she is no longer there.

So I continue on my way with the occasional glance over my shoulder, just to see if she will appear again, but she doesn’t, so I do all I can. I pray for her. Because although we are two strangers whose eyes met briefly over a busy road, our souls met in that moment too. And as separate as all of our lives are in this hustling, indifferent world, we all coexist as do drops in the ocean; and we cannot let anyone succumb to the tide.
Yo! It's been ages since I last wrote a journal entry, so I figured maybe I should write one XD
So I just got back from this epic science camp 2 days ago, and met some really cool people. While staying at the hotel overnight, I realised I had absolutely nothing to do... So I started writing, and drawing, and before I knew it, a couple of hours had passed :)

At the moment I know I'm not too flash with photography (notice the pun?? hehe :P) but I've been coming up with some new ideas and stuff for some pictures, so hopefully I might improve enough to take some decent enough shots. I've been doing some collabs with Maestro Maestoso…
and look forward to doing more with her sometime in the near future, as we have a whole heap of other ideas for photo shoots. Photography is always so much more fun when you have someone awesome to work with XD

That's about it, and for once I can't really think of anything else to ramble on about, which is kinda weird since I'm pretty well known for my incessant ramblings... But yeah, I look forward to uploading some new stuff to dA! :)
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Zara Wagner
Hey guys, my name is Zara and I'm your stereotypical nerd! I study a lot, I care about school and I don't like being mean to substitute teachers. But as well as that, I love hanging out with friends. I love playing sports, I love laughing and I love writing poetry. I may seem pretty black and white, but no matter how simple a person seems, if you take the time to look deeper, you'll realise that there's more to them than what you may first think. I'm a strong believer in equal rights, and there's nothing I hate more than bullies. People that put others down, that have no respect and who don't make the effort to try and understand other people, they make me mad. Nobody's worth more than anybody else, and everyone deserves an equal shot at life :)



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